donderdag 18 november 2010

How to make your own labels for your exhibition?

Here I will explain how to make your own labels for your exhibition or selling events. It is not difficult and it takes only 1 or 2 hours to make them, depending of how many labels you want.

What do you need?

Cardboard, self made prints, transparent elastic drying PVAc glue, scissors, a ruler, a cutting mat or hard cardboard and a sharp knife.

How do you make it?

  1. With excesses of acrylic paint you can make the most wonderful prints. Rub the paint on top of an old newspaper and than make a print of it on a white drawing paper. I usually use paper of 130 gram or 150 gram. You can do this every time you paint something, after a while you will have lots of them to create your own treasures.
  2. Collect boxes of cereals or other cardboard boxes.
  3. Cut the cardboard boxes into rectangles of 6 cm by 9 cm.
  4. Cut the printed paper into rectangles of 8 cm by 11 cm.
  5. Glue the printed paper on top of the cardboard. I use bookbinding glue because it dries very quickly.
  6. Cut the four corners diagonally, so you can easily unfold the printed paper and glue it at the back of the cardboard
  7. Now cut rectangles out of the printed paper of 5 cm by 8 cm and glue these at the back of your card. Now your label is covered with printed paper, you can start making your text labels in Word or Appleworks.
  8. Once you have your text labels, cut them out but make sure the size is not bigger than 4,5 cm by 7,5 cm and glue them on the front of your beautiful printed labels.

Now you know how to make your own labels for your exhibition or other selling events.

Have lots of Fun with it!

Cariños de Trudis

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  1. Hoi Trudis, dit idee komt precies op tijd voor de kerstmark waar we een kraam hebben. Hartstikke fijn, zal er zeker gebruik van maken!. Groetjes...Peebee

  2. Ziet er heel arti uit, leuk idee, ga er zeker op door borduren ;-))

    Groetjes en fijne dag, Els

  3. echt heel leuk! geeft net een persoonlijk tintje en het is nog leuk om ermee bezig te zijn ook.
    lieve groet en tot.....riet:)

  4. Die zou ik zeker een meenemen!
    grt, Helmi


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