donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Mixed Media DVD

Yesterday my DVD "Inspired Velvet with Angie Hughes" arrived. She is a mixed media artist and works with a cotton velvet and combines it with silk paints, ink, foils and sweet papers, prints, organzas and gives it a final touch with machine embroidery. She guides you through ten different inspiring textile techniques. The most important thing what caught my attention when I read about it was that she was inspired by Klimt and Hundertwasser, which are my favorites too. Especially Hundertwasser, how he combines colors and shapes... that really hits me!
It is very interesting to see how she builds up layer upon layer. Go to her website here to have a look at her layered artwork. She also has a blog angiestextilenoteswhere you can find all her beautiful artwork and art classes. On her website as well on her blog you can see a preview of this DVD.
Have fun with it! I'm sure this will be something I want to do this winter because I can not felt in wintertime. I have osteoarthritis in my hands, arms and back, so I'm looking for interesting things to express myself in another way.
I just had a quick photo of the DVD, if you want a closer look it's better to check Angie's website or blog.

I wish you all a very nice, creative day!
See you later!
Cariños de Trudis

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking forward to seeing your work inspired by Angie! It's sure to be good!

  2. Jij gaat zeker iets vinden om je bezig te houden, al is het met je tenen ;-)

  3. trusis, ik denk dat je je hier echt mee gaat vermaken komende winter. jammer dat er geen medicijn voor je aandoening is, dan kon je alle dingen doen waar je zin in hebt.
    lieve groet en tot.....riet

  4. Bedankt voor je goeie advies voor mijn bloemen vilten!. Leuk om te horen dat je Hundertwasser mooi vind. Ik namelijk ook, heb hem pas dit jaar een boek van hem gekocht. Inspirerend werk, inderdaad. Ik hoop dat je iets vindt wat je helpt om de winter door te komen. Groetjes, Peebee.

  5. Wauw spannend! Ik ga snel kijken op de links die je geeft... :D


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